About Proant


Proant AB, founded in 2004, is a technology-driven antenna company providing a wide range of both embedded and external antennas. Proant offers an antenna product line ranging from 150 MHz up to 6 GHz with a focus on wireless M2M and IoT applications. Our technology covers systems like:


  •           GSM/UMTS/LTE

  •           GPS/GLONASS and other GNSS services

  •           WLAN/Bluetooth/Zigbee

  •           ISM bands 169/315/434/868/915 MHz


The Proant head office and R&D center is located in Sweden where concepts turn into solutions with support from an excellent team. Apart from the range of innovative standard products the development of customer specific antenna solutions is one of Proant´s core competencies.


Feasibility studies, antenna simulations, active antenna measurements, rapid prototyping and matching network design are only a few of our available development services.


Product sales and support is provided through both the Swedish head office, the German sales office and our selected distributors worldwide.


Innovative products and excellent customer support ensure that Proant is the right partner for all your wireless applications. Let us know your application and contact us today.



GDPR compliance and data privacy

Proant are committed to protecting your data and respecting your privacy. Download the document “General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)” and find out what we’re doing to comply to the regulation.


 European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)