InSide™ GSM/868 MHz Flex Antenna

Frequency / System
GSM/3G + 868/915
Coaxial connector
Antenna covering 868 MHz, GSM 900 (880-960 MHz) and GSM 1800, 1900 (1710-1990 MHz) for inside mounting on non-conductive surfaces such as plastic and the antenna includes adhesives for attaching. The inside Flex antenna gives possibility to place the antenna on non-flat surfaces and around corners. The antenna might need to be retuned

        to give optimum performance. 

        Please contact ProAnt or distributor for tuning offer. 


    Frequency:   868 MHz, GSM900/1800/1900   
Automated Meter Reading   VSWR: <4:1 (on ProAnt demo box) 
Telemetric   Gain:  Max 3 dBi   
M2M-communications   Dimension:    8.50 x 58.00 mm, thickness 0.20 mm


Adhesive tape
    Interface:  10 cm coaxial with MHF (U.FL) connector 
(other options upon request)
    Temperature: -40 to +85⁰ C



Registered Community Design: 683354-0001

RoHS compliant

Subject to change without notice

» Datasheet (PDF)