Outside™ GP Wall - 434 MHz

Frequency / System
< 500 MHz
Coaxial connector
Body mount
Antenna covering the 434MHz band for mounting on both metallic and non-metallic surfaces. The antenna can either be connected by RG174
or RG58 

The antenna can be supplied with various cable lengths and connectors.
    Frequency:   434 MHz                        
Automated Meter Reading   Gain:  Max 0 dBi
Telemetric   Dimension: 130 x 45, height 27 mm  
M2M-communications   Mounting:    2 x 3 mm screws
Alarms   Interface:  1.5, 3 m RG174 or 5 m RG58 cable with SMA/m, FME/f, MCX connector (other options upon request)
    Temperature: -40 to +85⁰ C
    RoHS status Compliant



Subject to change without notice

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