Outside™ GP Wall - UMTS/LTE

Frequency / System
GSM/3G + 868/915
Coaxial connector
Body mount
Antenna covering the European 3G and 4G bands, LTE I/III/VII/XX (800/1800/2100/2600), for mounting on both metallic and non-metallic surfaces. The antenna is available as wall mount or through hole versions. The antenna can either be connected by RG174 or RG58 cables. Patent pending antenna giving good performance.
                                                         The antenna can be supplied with various cable lengths and connectors.
    Frequency:  800/1800/2100/2600 (3G/4G)                      
Data communication   VSWR: <4:1
Diversity antennas   Gain: Max 3 dBi
Etc.   Dimension: 130 x 45, height 27 mm  
    Color: Grey or white
    Mounting:   2 x 3 mm screws
    Connection: 1.5, 3 m RG174 or 5 m RG58 cable with SMA/m, FME/f, MCX connector (other options upon request)
    Temperature: -40 to +85⁰ C
    RoHS status Compliant



Patented and patent pending, EU community design

Subject to change without notice

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