OnBoard™ SMD Antenna

The OnBoard™ SMD antenna family originates from the OnBoard™ antenna concept, but is a surface mounted sheet metal antenna, packaged tape on reel which makes it suitable for high volume manufacturing. One of the key features which eliminate the need of a dielectric substrate, used in other SMD antennas, is the capacitively loaded foot print of the supporting pins of the antenna (pending patent) that significantly reduces losses and increases the performance.
OnBoard™ SMD 2400 antenna
OnBoard™ SMD WLAN antenna
OnBoard™ SMD GNSS GPS Antenna
OnBoard™ SMD 868/915 Antenna
Onboard™ SMD 868/2400 MHz Antenna
OnBoard™ SMD GSM/3G Antenna
OnBoard™ SMD 434
OnBoard™ SMD 169 MHz Antenna