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November 20, 2020

Video release

OnBoard SMD promotion video release

Proant proudly presents its first promotion video. Discover the unique features of the OnBoard SMD series. 

November 20, 2020

Tunable Antenna for Global NB-IoT and LTE Coverage

Summary of White Paper

The market demand for multiband NB-IoT and LTE coverage is increasing rapidly. Furthermore, products tend to decrease in size. To meet these demands, Proant presents a tunable antenna solution, using the patented Niche antenna concept with active switching.

Proant proves the Niche antenna concept works well for multiband purposes by active switching.

June 20th 2020

New OnBoard SMD Antenna release!

Proant complements the success of the OnBoard SMD 2400 with a mini variant – The OnBoard SMD 2400 Mini.
The OnBoard SMD 2400 Mini only requires 34% of the volume of its larger sibling. Proant is confident that the ever-increasing demand for tight and lean designs, makes the OnBoard SMD 2400 Mini a great candidate for many projects.
Download Datasheet and Application note >>here.
This new antenna holds the same unique properties as any Proant OnBoard SMD antenna:
– Great frequency stability
– Relatively omnidirectional radiation pattern
– Mixed polarity
Size: 9.9 x 4.3 x 2.0 mm

May 8th 2020

Announcing the launch of our new website

We are proud to announce the launch of the newly redesigned  website. It features a modern design, better and improved functionality, and easy access to essential information. 

Our new company website is also part of the ongoing evolution of the ProAnt brand. The design is more modern, intuitive and with this new look, we wanted to make the user experience as simple as possible.

It is easy to use and easy to navigate, we now have a clearer structure featuring a drop-down menu on the top of the page for a streamlined experience.


18 februari 2019

The Proant Niche™antenna integrated onto the u-blox NINA B3 series

Proant is happy to announce that The Niche™antenna is integrated onto the u-blox NINA-B3 modules

Several electronic magazines have covered that u-blox has integrated the Proant Niche™ antenna on the NINA B3 modules. Below you will find links to two articles.

Electronic Engineering Journal

u-blox adds superior integrated PCB antenna option to the NINA-B3 series of Bluetooth low energy modules

Elektroniktidningen, ETN (Swedish)

Fler Proantantenner hos Ublox


20 april 2018

Glowing review

A lesson in wireless engineering from the Raspberry Pi.

 The Senior RF Engineer Carl Turner at Laird Connectivity Solutions, has made a glowing review of the Proant Niche Antenna on the Raspberry Pi Zero in Embedded Computing Design.

3 arpil 2018

Raspberry Pi Model B+

Proant Dual Band Niche antenna licensed to Raspberry Pi

For the second time, Proant antenna technology is present on the annual Raspberry Pi product release. The Pi B+ uses a Proant designed antenna for 2,4 and 5 GHz radio.

26 februari 2018



Proant proudly presents a new antenna to join its OnBoard SMD family!

Onboard™ SMD antenna for embedded products on the cellular GSM UMTS(3G) and NB-IoT bands

Optimized for NB-IoT, B8 and 20

Robust design – immune to vibration and shock (in accordance with IEC 60721-3-5 – Class 5M3)

The antenna is available in May 2018.

InSide™ GSM/NB-IoT Antenna


Proant proudly presents a new antenna to join its InSide™ antenna family!

InSide™ GSM/NB-IoTis a ground plane independent antenna including coaxial cable with MHF (U.FL) connector and are supplied with adhesive.

Optimized for NB-IoT, B8 and 20

The antenna also covers GSM 900 (880-960 MHz) and GSM 1800 (1710-1880 MHz)


1 mars 2017

Raspberry Pi Zero W

Proant Niche antenna licensed to Raspberry Pi

We are happy to support Raspberry Pi with a high performance printed antenna for IoT devices through

licensing the Proant Niche antenna.

Some news articles on the subject:



12 maj 2016

Proant – BOSCH antenna supplier

Press release, Umeå 2016-05-12

Proant AB approved supplier to Bosch Automotive Electronics

Proant AB has been approved supplier of antennas for Bosch Automotive Electronics and their Multi-Market products for the Internet of Things (IoT).

“It is a very nice recognition of our processes and that our quality meets the requirements of a highly recognized company such as BOSCH. To be approved as a supplier Proant AB also have demonstrated the technical expertise and ability to deliver the best performance for high-end products that are world-class. I am very proud of what our team in a short time has been able to achieve.” Says Tomas Rutfors, CEO Proant AB.

About Proant AB: Proant AB develops, manufactures and sells antennas primarily for Machine to Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Proant AB has its head office in Umeå and sales offices in Heilbronn, Germany.

Contact: Tomas Rutfors, CEO Proant AB, Tel +46 90-40150, Email:

Proant website: 

23 februari 2016

Antenna OnBoard SMD WLAN

New! Antenna for IoT – Bluetooth – WLAN applications

January 29, 2016, Product release from Proant – Onboard SMD WLAN for 2.4 and 5 GHz Bands. Compact size. High performance. At Proant we are confident that the new Onboard SMD antenna for WLAN 2.4 and 5 GHz bands will meet the challenge that designers experience to comply with end users ever increasing demand for small, compact devices.

Make sure to download the new Proant Onboard SMD WLAN Antenna application note at:


26 september 2014

Proant AB Embedded Antenna Products Available on

THIEF RIVER FALLS, Minnesota, USA – Global electronic components distributor Digi-Key Corporation, the industry leader in electronic component selection, availability and delivery, today announced a global distribution agreement with Proant AB, the leading supplier of robust and high-performance antennas. The company’s new product line, OnBoard SMD, includes antennas for 868/915, GPS, Bluetooth/WLAN and GSM/3G.

“We are proud to be a part of Digi-Key’s global supplier network,” said Tomas Rutfors, CEO at Proant AB. “By partnering with a global distribution leader with a track record of best-in-class ecommerce capabilities and customer service, we will be able to serve a broader market segment.”

Proant designs custom-specific antennas with various requirements for applications such as smart metering, smart home solutions, multimedia solutions, Internet of Things, wireless medical, M2M, and GPS positioning.

“The IoT is remaining a hot and rapidly growing market, and we are pleased to provide these new machine-to-machine (M2M) solutions to our customers worldwide,” said Ira Suko, Director of Semiconductors for Digi-Key.

Proant AB’s full line of RF antennas is available for immediate shipment now at


About Proant AB

Proant AB is an innovative antenna company with headquarter in Sweden and Sales office in Germany. Proant have in-house development capability including anechoic chamber from 150 MHz to 6 GHz range and cost effective production both in Taiwan and Sweden. For more information, see

About Digi-Key Corporation

Digi-Key Corporation, based in Thief River Falls, Minn., is a global, full-service provider of both prototype/design and production quantities of electronic components, offering more than three million products from over 650 quality name-brand manufacturers. With over one million products in stock and an impressive selection of online resources, Digi-Key is committed to stocking the broadest range of electronic components in the industry and providing the best service possible to its customers. Additional information and access to Digi-Key’s broad product offering is available at

Editorial Contact for Digi-Key Corporation
Kayla Krosschell

Corporate Communications Specialist
1-800-344-4539 x1098

22 september 2014

Product release OnBoard™SMD

Proant is now releasing two new antennas in the OnBoard™SMD family.

The two new antennas are:


»OnBoard™SMD 868/915 MHz

»OnBoard™SMD product line (PDF)

20 februari 2014

OnBoard™ SMD – Product release

Proant takes embedded antenna integration one step ahead by combining high performance and low cost in the new concept OnBoard™ SMD family.

Traditionally,small low cost antennas for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly have been manufactured with some kind of dielectric substrate as base for the radiating structure. With this approach the antenna normally has the shape of a rectangular block, which results that all PCB surface below the antenna is prevented for use of other components. Another more obvious drawback is that the substrate itself introduces dielectric losses to the antenna and reduces the total efficiency.

Proant decided to take the concept of small SMD antennas one step ahead, with the focus to increase the performance and design flexibility in combination with low cost and manufacturability. The result is the OnBoard™ SMD antenna family which originates from the previous OnBoard™ antenna concept, but is a surfacemounted sheet metal antenna, packaged tape on reel why it is suitable for high volume manufacturing. One of the key features which eliminate the need of a dielectric substrate, used in other SMD antennas, is the capacitively loaded foot print of the supporting pins of the antenna (pending patent) that significantly reduces losses and increases the performance.

The first two products to be launched from this family are:
OnBoard™SMD 2400 (2.4GHz band)
OnBoard™SMD GPS (GPS and Glonass)

Several other variants are on its way, and planned to be released during 2014:
WLAN dual band

“We wanted to simplify antenna integration for our customers” says Tomas Rutfors, CEO of Proant.
“The solution was to make a simple product which satisfies both engineering and sourcing aspects. With the OnBoard™ SMD family, we have defined a new product segment which didn’t exist before.”

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