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ProAnt AB is a Swedish antenna company focusing on development, production and sales of antennas based on patents and patent pending technology.

Proant AB, founded in 2004, is a technology-driven antenna company providing a wide range of both embedded and external antennas. Proant offers an antenna product line ranging from 150 MHz up to 6 GHz with a focus on wireless M2M and IoT applications. Our technology covers systems like:




ISM BANDS 169/315/434/868/915 MHZ

The Proant head office and R&D center is located in Sweden where concepts turn into solutions with support from an excellent team. Apart from the range of innovative standard products the development of customer specific antenna solutions is one of Proant´s core competencies.

Feasibility studies, antenna simulations, active antenna measurements, rapid prototyping and matching network design are only a few of our available development services.

Product sales and support is provided through both the Swedish head office, the German sales office and our selected distributors worldwide.

Innovative products and excellent customer support ensure that Proant is the right partner for all your wireless applications. Let us know your application and contact us today.

3 arpil 2018

Raspberry Pi Model B+

Proant Dual Band Niche antenna licensed to Raspberry Pi

For the second time, Proant antenna technology is present on the annual Raspberry Pi product release. The Pi B+ uses a Proant designed antenna for 2,4 and 5 GHz radio.

1 mars 2017

Raspberry Pi Zero W

Proant Niche antenna licensed to Raspberry Pi

We are happy to support Raspberry Pi with a high performance printed antenna for IoT devices through

licensing the Proant Niche antenna.

Some news articles on the subject:


23 februari 2016

Antenna OnBoard SMD WLAN

Proant takes embedded antenna integration one step ahead by combining high performance and low cost in the new concept OnBoard™ SMD family.

Traditionally,small low cost antennas for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly have been manufactured with some kind of dielectric substrate as base for the radiating structure. With this approach the antenna normally has the shape of a rectangular block, which results that all PCB surface below the antenna is prevented for use of other components. Another more obvious drawback is that the substrate itself introduces dielectric losses to the antenna and reduces the total efficiency.

Proant decided to take the concept of small SMD antennas one step ahead, with the focus to increase the performance and design flexibility in combination with low cost and manufacturability. The result is the OnBoard™ SMD antenna family which originates from the previous OnBoard™ antenna concept, but is a surfacemounted sheet metal antenna, packaged tape on reel why it is suitable for high volume manufacturing. One of the key features which eliminate the need of a dielectric substrate, used in other SMD antennas, is the capacitively loaded foot print of the supporting pins of the antenna (pending patent) that significantly reduces losses and increases the performance.

The first two products to be launched from this family are:
OnBoard™SMD 2400 (2.4GHz band)
OnBoard™SMD GPS (GPS and Glonass)

Several other variants are on its way, and planned to be released during 2014:
WLAN dual band

“We wanted to simplify antenna integration for our customers” says Tomas Rutfors, CEO of Proant.
“The solution was to make a simple product which satisfies both engineering and sourcing aspects. With the OnBoard™ SMD family, we have defined a new product segment which didn’t exist before.”

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